Iowa Black Powder Federation
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Updated 3-1-15

     The IBPF is a statewide organization interested in the promotion of safe shooting, rendezvous, and sharing in the history that is ours to remember and pass on to others.  Most of our members are located in Iowa, however we have many members who live outside of the state.  We believe in safety, family, friends, and the great outdoors.
Feel free to check out our site and by all means drop us a line.  We all enjoy our smoke poles, and are willing to share our experiances with you.  

Better yet, come join us at one of our events!  

The IBPF  has five yearly shooting events and a hawk and knife throw.


2014 Cartridge xstick
2014 Cartridge Match Cross Stick Shooters

Pevine with his trophy for Winning the Cartridge Championship last summer.