Iowa Black Powder Federation
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2024 Raffle Rifle

2024 Annual Meeting Minutes,  Lists the changes in some of the Matches
Winners of the 2023 raffle rifle was Bobby Rogers of South Carolina
Winner of the Ulch participant raffle rifle was Lynn Hertzke of Estherville, IA

The 2024 Events Page is up and running. Mark your Calenders for next year.  Events Schedule

2024 Iowa Black Powder State Black Powder Events Schedule 
Just a quick note, The NMLRA National Shoots are not just for great shooters, everyone is urged to attend the shoots at the Walter Cline range in Friendhip, Indiana.  There are matches, exibits, shopping plus two independent Flea markets to keep everyone occupied.  If you need more information contact one of the Iowa NMLRA Field Representatives listed on NMLRA. org website.  The NMLRA traders row is best experienced on the first Saturday thru Monday of  each shoot.


Roger Eichelberger presenting Norma Holcomb her NMLRA 1 of 1000 Certificate purchased by the Ibpf to honor her service to the Iowa Black Powder Federation at the annual Board meeting.  Norma  wins the  Pistol Shoot  Match  August  2021.

Roger our President. Thinning the Herd at the Rifle Match August 2021           What to do when you only have a doe tag? (Inky)                                    

How to Sponsor a Match at the ML Rifle State Shoot.


     The IBPF is a statewide organization interested in the promotion of safe shooting, rendezvous, and sharing in the history that is ours to remember and pass on to others.  Most of our members are located in Iowa, however we have many members who live outside of the state.  We believe in safety, family, friends, and the great outdoors.
Feel free to check out our site and by all means drop us a line.  We all enjoy our smoke poles, and are willing to share our experiances with you.  

Better yet, come join us at one of our events!  

The IBPF  has five yearly shooting events and a hawk and knife throw.

  • Table shoot and Chunk gun shoot is held in May at the Racoon Valley Muzzleloaders range near Jefferson, Iowa.  The Table shoot is shot from a rest and is scored like the Chunk Rifle matches.  Chunk is a traditional rifle competition and is also called an over-the-log shoot.  Shooters use a rifle with fixed sights and without a false muzzle to shoot ten shots on ten different paper targets.  Scores are reported in inches from the center of the target.  The lowest score wins.
  • State Pistol shoot is held in early August the Raccoon Valley Muzzleloaders club near Jefferson, Iowa. Muzzle loading pistols are shot at paper targets and the highest score wins.  Matches are held for Flintlock, percussion single shot or revolver.  We also have matches for two hand holds. Most matches are reentry.
  • State Muzzle loading Rifle shoot is held in the middle of August.  The location changes depending on where the host club is located.  There are matches for Flint, percussion, offhand, bench, cross sticks, rifles and smoothbores.  Most matches are reentry.
  • State Black powder Cartridge Shoot is held the end of August at the Pine Ridge Rifle Club in Steamboat Rock, Iowa.  Matches are held for pistols, single shot cartridge rifles, Lever action rifles, and military rifles, powder must be black powder or substitute such as Pyrodex or Triple Seven. The positions are offhand, bench, cross stick, or in the military rifle match any military position. Most matches are reentry so bring lots of amunition.
  • Hawk and Knife throw is held in early September in conjunction with the Smoky Ridge Muzzle loaders Labor Day rendezvous at Steamboat Rock, Iowa.
  • State Shot Gun shoot is held towards the end of September.  Shooters shoot both muzzle loaders and black powder cartridge shotguns.